Chipmunk Cheeks

I am 2 days post a quadrupal wisdom teeth extraction and I am fairing much better than I had initially thought I would. I had myself prepared for the worst, after hearing so many horror stories from friends who had their wisdom teeth taken out.

I went in for the procedure on Friday morning and within an hour I was done and out of the chair. I choose to have only Novocaine for the procedure and I don’t regret this decision. Since having the procedure I have been following the doctor’s instructions of alternating Ibuprofen and the prescribed pain medicine every 3-4 hours and this seems to be working well, as I have not had any pain. 🙂 The worst discomfort I am having is…my checks are so swollen, it is actually hard to open my mouth to eat. This has been a little annoying, but if this is the worst I am thankful for it.

My hope now is for the swelling to go down to some form of normal….so I can go back out in public.

I am also so thankful to my very wonderful husband who had taken care of our two daughters and me 100% since Friday without one complaint! He is amazing and I am so grateful for him! I love you, Shawn!



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